Let me help YOU create a Recipe for a Healthy Life!

What is your most precious Asset?

If you could put a value on your health and happiness, what would it be: $1 million? $100 million? Is it not priceless? Our minds and bodies are the engine of our existence, yet it may be functioning at 50% capacity, and we don’t know any differently. We get used to our fatigue, our imperfect shape, our sleep disturbances and even believe it’s normal to have difficulty losing weight or irregular digestion. Maybe it is just too overwhelming to figure out what to do differently, or too painful to put restrictions on our food choices or to eat unfamiliar food.

Here’s the good news: you don’t need willpower or deprivation to generate more energy or feel better in your body. Your body already has the wisdom it needs to be healthy and strong and function as best it can. As your expert guide and health coach, I can help you determine what is the best food to fuel your system and how to sustain it, even if you are limited by time or food intolerances. I educate my clients in the care and maintenance of their most precious asset...their health.

Does this sound like you?

  • You are frustrated with restrictive diets and want to understand why you can’t lose weight or control your food cravings.
  • You are often tired, unfocused or depressed and are dependent on sugar or caffeine.
  • You have a food allergy or gluten sensitivity and get discouraged trying to live with your dietary limitations.  
  • You suspect that your snoring problem is related to your excess weight or is worsened by certain foods such as dairy or wheat products.
  • You want to improve the whole family’s diet, but need guidance to find healthy replacements and to create new habits.

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If your diet is preventing you from reaching your goals and you want to identify where there is room for improvement, take the first step:  call me to schedule a  free phone  consultation!


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Confused woman

"Sharon has provided me with what no diet could: a paradigm shift about food and life. She taught me that food is not the enemy, but rather a source of opportunity for enjoying a more joyful, balanced life."  HS, Elizabeth, NJ

"The causes of my gastrointestinal distress have been identified and eliminated from my diet..the results are a flat and calm stomach and smoothly, efficient intestinal activity. Hooray!  In addition, my severe sinus headaches, congestion and post nasal drip that were driving me crazy are eased and under control, now that Sharon helped me identify the culprits in my diet. Furthermore, my cravings for chocolate and unhealthy fats are under control because I now know what triggers them and how to prevent it with a balanced diet. Overall, I feel empowered because I finally “get” the connections between what I put in my mouth and what happens in my body.  I’ve also learned that eating right means putting very specific nutrients into my body on a regular basis. For example, the session on greens was possibly one of the most life-changing hours of my life!" JZ, Westfield, NJ

"I have been on many weight-loss programs and they worked as long as I was willing to stick to it, but I was always trying to 'work the system and get away with it.'  This is the first time I've been willing to accept permanent change to my eating habits, and the results have been totally positive. I have lost 25 pounds in four months, my energy level is increased and I'm exercising regularly without dreading it. My psoriasis is also in remission.  I tell everyone I know how how happy and healthy I feel."  B.P., North Plainfield.